AFGSC Interest Areas

  • Machine learning/AI
  • Data analytics
  • Decision tools
  • Advanced learning technologies
  • Affordable digital twin
  • HEMP hardening
  • Quantum Apertures

  • Mesh Networking

  • Advances in laser technology

  • Advances in power technologies
  • Advanced materials and advanced manufacturing technologies for small batch production
  • Advances in AR/VR/MR
  • Affordable/mobile physical security
  • Software automation
  • Advances in beyond the line of sight technologies (non-space based)

  • Advances in digital high frequency gateways


Mixed Reality Air Refueling Training Challenge

STRIKEWERX is aiding Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC) in its effort to seek a state-of-the-art training capability to accelerate the training of a new pilot to accomplish mid-air refueling in the B-52 bomber. 

airmen pushing a missile in warehouse
airmen pushing a missile in warehouse

Emergency Aircrew Response Challenge

STRIKEWERX is looking for a solution for Aircrew Response Management. Command and Control requires the ability to manage United States Strategic Command aircrews. The concept is the ability to move personnel from locations on an installation to and from the aircraft into various locations with little or no warning.


Design Sprint: TE Jack Stand

DATE: Sept. 14-18


ABOUT: This Design Sprint will see industry knowhow meet air force innovation to build a cover for the Transport Erector Jack Stand used by ICBM maintenance crews. During winter, the T.E. Jack Cover becomes filled with dirt, gravel, and snow and freezes to the consistency of concrete. Airmen at the 90th Missile Wing developed a homemade solution that saves time and frustration, but STRIKEWERX will partner with industry to find an innovative, scalable solution for all missile wings in the Command.


airmen pushing a missile in warehouse
airmen pushing a missile in warehouse

Design Sprint: B-52 Brake Drill Press

DATE: Nov. 16-19


ABOUT: STRIKEWERX is working to solve a challenge faced by B-52 maintenance crews with its Design Sprint later this month. This multi-day design sprint will see airmen collaborate with industry experts and academia partners in an intensive focus to develop a prototype for the the B-52 brakes drill press that will lead to greater efficiency and effectiveness.


Design Sprint: NC3 UX/XI

DATE: Feb. 17-19 & 22-23


ABOUT: This five-day Design Sprint is to layout a meaningful and interactive solution that acts as the interface for the AFGSC Joint Global Strike Operation Center (JGSOC) leadership with the Nuclear Command, Control and Communications (NC3) system of systems to aid in decision making.

airmen pushing a missile in warehouse

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