Innovation Project Ideas

Air Force Global Strike Command is seeking good ideas to close Command gaps quickly and affordably.

Innovation starts with Airmen’s ideas. As a potential project champion, your willingness to work with experts and the latest technology will mean innovative solutions for the command.

For this solution to be successfully implemented, a project champion will need to:

  • Be engaged, responsive, adaptive, and committed to the process
  • Work with STRIKEWERX project managers to develop and refine your solution via an iterative process
  • Provide feedback
  • Be responsible for internal Air Force communication

Innovation Idea Pathways

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AFGSC Office of the Chief Scientist

AFGSC/ST is tasked with leading innovation efforts for the Command

  • It has a Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) with Cyber Innovation Center (CIC), located in Bossier City, LA
  • The PIA allows CIC to engage academia and industry on behalf of government to accelerate tech transfer and licensing
  • The STRIKEWERX Innovation Hub is located on the first floor of CIC and helps the Science and Technology Office realize innovation efforts

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The STRIKEWERX Innovation Hub connects people and resources across government, industry and academia to solve Air Force Global Strike Command’s most difficult problems.

  • Unique approach provides fast, non-traditional pathways to scout the best solutions from industry, academia and Airmen
  • Challenges, Design Sprints, and Fusion events promote collaboration to provide unique solutions in a streamlined process
  • We provide Airmen access to experts, acquisition coaching, and engineering and technical support
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Spark Cells & A9 Directorate

Spark Cells enable Airman-led innovation. If you have a general innovation project idea, this should be your first stop.

  • Grass roots innovation groups at the wing level
  • Safe place for idea generation
  • Squadron Innovation Funds (SIF)—HAF funding to enable innovation
  • Work for the Wing Commanders and are focused on the commanders’ priorities.
  • A9 coordinates between Spark Cells and works transition hurdles


Innovation Idea Services

Once your idea is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Office of the Chief Scientist and could become a STRIKEWERX project. STRIKEWERX will facilitate collaborative methods to help realize your idea. We offer innovative services for realizing your idea. Those include: Design Sprint, Challenge events, Strike Tank participation, and software development.

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Design Sprint

  • Start with Spark Cell idea to scale up for multiple bases
  • 5-day process
  • Refine the idea with a professional design or approach
  • Pair the Global Strike Command subject matter experts with the right experts from private industry
  • Use rapid prototyping followed by field testing
  • Streamline program office approvals for implementation of the new design

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Challenge Event

  • Ideas submitted from AFGSC HQ boards
  • Individuals, startups, small businesses, industry, and academia submit solutions to specific AFGSC challenges
  • Seeking to facilitate dialogue and collaboration
  • Six month process
  • Participants can see submissions
  • Evaluated by experts in technology and the challenge area
  • Submissions selected for next phase could be prototyping, demonstration, or an AFGSC contract

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Strike Tank

  • Annual pitch competition with representatives from all command Spark Cells
  • Provides opportunity to showcase ideas to command staff
  • Contestants receive pitch training, practice for delivering pitch to judges
  • Two winners are chosen to have their idea realized


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Software Development

Under a Partnership Intermediary Agreement with AFGSC, STRIKEWERX provides an extensive array of services spanning:

  • Cloud, Cybersecurity
  • Data Management Consulting
  • Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
  • Software Development
  • DevSecOps Services


Project Champions, submit your potential solution for evaluation by the AFGSC Office of the Chief Scientist.

Project Champion Solution Submission

(What is your vision for this project?)
(What is its expected impact?)
(What items will be produced by this project?)
(What is your plan to deploy: Are demonstrations needed at certain points? Are different levels of implementation needed at certain points? Does it need to reach specific levels of maturity by a defined time?)
(What tools, technologies, methods, and/or techniques can be created by this solution?)
(Ex: Envision, Platform One, etc.)
(Ex: IMDS, REMIS, spreadsheets, etc.)

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