By Sean Green | STRIKEWERX Director of Marketing and Communications

BOSSIER CITY, La. — Air Force Global Strike Command Airmen are learning how to simplify tasks and make time for vital efforts thanks to Robotics Process Automation courses.

These courses give Airmen the essentials to set up RPA “bots” that would automate processes for their wing and the command. From automated Defense Travel System form checkers to laundry intake programs, Airmen learn to build automated programs that reduce everyday tasks from hours to minutes.

These courses are hosted by Air Force Life Cycle Management Center and the Cyber Innovation Center, via the CIC’s Partnership Intermediary Agreement with AFGSC. The courses are sponsored by the AFGSC Office of the Chief Scientist.

“Airmen can utilize RPA to save time and frustration. They can stop doing the repetitive report creation and get back to doing what matters in their mission,” said Jonas Kety, CIC software program developer.

To date, a total of 75 students have created 29 bots that will save an estimated 620 man-hours via these courses.

AFGSC’s own Airmen are seeing the value in RPA.

Capt. Shawn Graves from the 509th Logistics Readiness Squadron at Whiteman AFB, Missouri, sought out an RPA event for the base. As a previous RPA event attendee, Graves wanted to help emphasize innovation and empower Airmen with RPA tools.

“Exposing Airmen to resources that give them time back in their standard routine like RPA can lead to a boost in morale, serve as a spark to establish a mindset for innovation, challenge previous thought processes, and ultimately improve mission execution by engaging in more critical thinking,” said Graves.

A webinar will be held to introduce RPA will be held his summer.

Airmen from across the command will learn what RPA is, how to recognize which of their business processes should be automated, and the software platforms used to create and deploy bots.

For updates about this upcoming class, keep an eye on For more on RPA, watch this video: .