By Sean Green | STRIKEWERX Communications Manager

BOSSIER CITY, La. — A training application for Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC) is the first, and only, application made available for non-secure communications across the U.S. Air Force (USAF). 

JANUS Research Group delivered a virtual reality trainer in early 2024 to help create better trained, more competent, proficient, and skilled B-52 crew members working on the aircraft’s communications.  

JANUS’ B-52 communications trainer leveraged Dynepic’s MOTAR® Fastlane to deploy seamlessly and quickly onto its MOTAR Live platform (, earning approval to use MOTAR’s Authority to Operate (ATO) and becoming the first application hosted in the USAF Impact Level 4 (IL4) area. The application is also available on the USAF NIPRNet used for unclassified communications, including the Controlled Unclassified Information. 

Dynepic’s MOTAR (Member, Operations, Training, Analytics, Reports), is a proven training backbone to power immersive training in a secure and open ecosystem approach with full identity and data management. Essentially, MOTAR empowers users to operate and train online, offline, anytime, anywhere, and on any device. 

“We are happy to support solving gaps in AFGSC’s training modernization for the B-52 while pushing technology developments and establishing new capabilities for our government partners,” said Kishan Shetty, director of training and readiness solutions for JANUS Research. “This shows new capability when it comes to technology that acts as a force multiplier for instructors by allowing them to focus their time on the areas where individual Airmen need the most assistance.”  

This development also breaks ground in demonstrating readiness for operating training apps in a secure environment. Dynepic plans to bring MOTAR onto SIPRNet with a MOTAR Red platform to securely deliver classified training content throughout the Department of Defense.  

“Using MOTAR Fastlane, JANUS rapidly deployed their B-52 immersive training application in less than a few months, passing all the security gates needed to be released to MOTAR Hub where it can now be accessed via NIPRnet. I appreciate them being our first customer to use this game-changing app deployment capability.” said Krissa Watry, Dynepic’s Co-Founder and CEO. “We love working with amazing partners like JANUS to deliver the right capabilities that enhance mission readiness.” 

JANUS’ prototype was developed through the STRIKEWERX Advanced Training Concepts Challenge. This market research sought industry solutions for three new modern, advanced training prototypes used across AFGSC. 

“This challenge successfully identified modern, agile, and engaging training tools to improve the overall effectiveness of training throughout the command.” said Dr. Donna Senft, AFGSC chief scientist. “These solutions combined the latest developments in psychology and understanding how people learn, to speed up training and improve retention.”  

As part of the Advanced Training Concepts Challenge, JANUS was joined by Adaptive Immersion Technologies and Longwave, who delivered solutions for Explosive Ordnance Disposal and E-4B communications maintainers, respectively.