S3 2021

A competition to identify the best ideas from across the command to represent AFGSC during the 2021 Air Force Spark Tank competition.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a REQUIREMENT to provide a PA-approved video pitch of your solution on this form.  You will have until the END of the submission period to enter your final URL.  Please use https://www.dvidshub.net/video/000000/example as a placeholder.

IMPORTANT: Your solution is not valid without this video.

StrikeWerx concept building

S3 Submission

Good titles are interesting and relevant
Give us your elevator pitch. Please summarize your solution in 500 characters, or less.
Describe the POU. What kind of pain does it cause? What kind of opportunity is being missed? What needs are being left unfulfilled? How would somebody recognize the POU if they saw or experienced it?
Describe your target user/customer. Who specifically is experiencing the problem? How would someone not familiar with the issue be able to identify the user who needs the solution?
Describe the solution. Provide details regarding the features and functions. How would the user/customer make use of or leverage it?
Your nearest PA contact will upload your video to the DVIDS site. Videos do not need to be professional quality but do need to be cleared for public release by PA and uploaded to DVIDS. (Please use http://www.dvidshub.net/video/000000/example-base until you have your final url.)
What resources do you need or might you need to test, prototype, and/or implement this solution.
Explain the known risk and barriers that face implementation and how we might mitigate them.
How long might it take to implement this solution?(Required)
How long might it take to test, validate, build prototypes, and bring this solution into operations?
What is the potential annual cost savings if implemented. Enter "0" if none or n/a.
What is the potential annual manpower savings if implemented. Enter "0" if none or n/a.
This will determine who sponsors your submission
Please pick the focus area that best matches your solution. If more than one applies, please pick the best match.
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      If so, how much?
      Did you use a local Spark Cell or innovation hub to iterate on your solution? Did you collaborate with others in your unit? What spurred your solution?